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Timber Structures, Timber Frames, Timber Buildings

Timber structures are a UK based company who design and build timber constructions for projects both large and small anywhere in the world.

Whatever the structure or building you want to achieve in timber, do get in touch too discuss your specific requirements. We will be only too happy to help so please give us a call now on: 0044 07792 729 888

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Timber Frames

Creating timber framed buildings is the core of our business; it is also our passion. We offer a complete timber framing service from design through construction to the final raising of the timber frame. Here's how we work:


We offer a comprehensive design service to help get your timber frame project off to a good start. We can either design the whole project in house or we can work with your existing architects, structural engineers and builders. We have a comprehensive knowledge of traditional timber framing and contemporary building techniques and understand how to produce designs that work with the most modern and the most ancient of building materials.


Our timber frames are prepared at our workshops and timber yard at Holcombe Rogus near Wellington in Somerset. Having a covered yard means that the heavy oak carpentry can continue whatever the weather. This is where our team of highly skilled joiners work to assemble your timber frame, marking and cutting the beams and complex joints.


Seeing a timber frame being raised is a beautiful sight. Watching our skilled craftsmen assemble and raise a timber frame from the ground up is a most captivating experience. Timber framed buildings like these have been raised by mankind for thousands of years and once raised a timber framed structured will likely be there for thousands of years in to the future.

Timber Frame Glazing

One of the great things about timber frame buildings is that you create spaces between the frames that can frame windows and doors. Timber Structures offer a timber frame glazing service and can supply and install double sealed glazing units for the timber frame projects that we build. This glazing can be achieved through direct glazing whereby the glass panels are fitted directly to the frame or through the use of normal doors and windows fitted in the conventional way.

Timber framed windows and doors

Which Timber

There are many factors to be considered when choosing the right timber for a project. The look and feel of the timber, the cost and availability, and its structural properties. There are many different types of woods that can be used in timber structures. The most commonly used timbers are listed here:

Wherever possible the timber we use is sustainable timber from sustainable forests and is of the most environmentally sound status possible. We love timber and therefore we love forests too.

Timber Building

Timber Structures has many years of experience in the building of all sorts of different timber buildings that utilise a timber structure. From the largest swimming pool buildings to the smallest garden offices there are no timber building projects that we cant undertake no matter what the size. Some of the different types of timber structures that we have worked on are listed here:

Timber frame extention


Complex timber structures

Here at Timber Structures we relish the opportunity to challenge our expertise and build complex timber constructions. A speciality of ours is the construction of complex roof structures and steeples. This knowledge has been gained through considerable study by our joiners at master carpenters schools in France and Germany and through the real life construction and renovation of complex timber structures. Some of the complex timber structures that we have worked on are listed here:

Also we can make form work or false work for masonry vaults:

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Whatever the timber structure, timber frame or timber building you want to achieve, please give us a call to discuss your specific requirements further. Call us now on: 0044 07792 729 888