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Bespoke Staircases

We hand-build our bespoke staircases to the highest levels of craftsmanship. We offer tailor-made stairs to meet your specific needs, hand built staircases made to the highest quality and utmost standards of craftsmanship by our experienced carpenters. Our staircases are constructed in a variety of woods including Oak, Pine and Beech.

Bespoke spiral staircases

Traditional Staircases

We specialize in the design and construction of traditional staircases. Often built in solid oak to match existing exposed timber work our traditional staircases will fit the period and style of your interior.

The fact that we hand build our staircases means that we have complete control over the whole staircase from the larger decisions such as number of steps and turns to the finer details of the design such as the handrail, the spindles and the newel posts.

Contemporary Staircases

We also build contemporary staircases, often integrating other materials such as steel and glass to create bespoke staircases with a more modern look and feel. These staircases work well in more contemporary surroundings and can set the tone of a modern living space.

Different types of Staircases

We can build any type of staircase that you require either interior or exterior not just the ordinary straight-run. Listed below are some of the different types of staircase that we can make:

Bespoke spiral staircases Bespoke spiral staircases

Straight Run Staircases

This is a flight of stairs without any turnings and is the most common type of staircase.

Straight run bespoke staircases

Quarter Turn Staircases

A flight of stairs making a 90 degree turn some where along the walking line.

Quater turn bespoke staircases

Half Turn Staircases

A flight of stairs that makes a 180 degree turn some where along the walking line.

Half turn bespoke staircases

Winding Staircases

A flight of stairs completely made out of winding steps.

Bespoke winding staircases

Spiral Staircases

A flight of stairs with wedge shaped steps winding around and supported by a central post.

Bespoke spiral staircases

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Staircase Terminology

For more information on having us work with you to produce your bespoke staircase why not give us a call right now on: 07792 729 888