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Glue Laminated Construction

Timer Structures have many years experience with glue laminated construction techniques. There are some projects where beams made from glue laminated timber are the obvious choice. It takes the specialist knowledge and experience that we have to know when and how to employ this modern construction technique.

What is Glue Laminated Timber

Glued laminated timber, sometimes called "glulam" or "gluelam", is a manufactured timber product that is produced by gluing together other smaller pieces of machined timber using advanced adhesives.

The final result is a single, large and very strong piece of structural timber that can be manufactured to be exactly the right length and shape as required. Glue laminated timbers can be used for straight beams and vertical columns but more often are used to produce great curved beams and arching timbers.

Glue Laminated Truss

Glue Laminated Roof Structure

Why Use Glue Laminated Timber

Glued laminated timber represents an efficient use of timber. In a time when are forests are under greater pressure than ever before, it makes sense to use the smaller otherwise wasted pieces of timber by combining them to form bigger more useable timbers.

In this way glue laminated timber can be considered to be an environmentally friendly alternative.

Benefits Of Glue laminated construction

There are many benefits associated with Glue laminated construction. Here we list a few of the most obvious:

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