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Miscellaneous Timber Structures

We can build literally anything out of wood, you name it we can build it. We build bespoke doors and windows on a regular basis but have also worked on projects involving wooden cog wheels and even the construction of siege machines.

Wooden Gates

On commission we build bespoke wooden gates for our clients. We can make complete wooden gates or gates using a combination of wood and steel.

The finish can be with Danish oil, varnish or other durable exterior finish. The oak can also be left natural in which case the oak will turn silvery grey with the influence of the weather over time. The gates can be made in a traditional or contemporary style, supplied with or with out the necessary furniture, hinges, locks etcetera that you require. The gates and posts can be errected by us or can be collected from us.

Bespoke Wooden Gates Bespoke Wooden Gates
Bespoke wooden gates

Wooden Doors

On special commission we make bespoke external or internal doors for our clients.

The doors and frames are made from joinery grade oak and finished with Danish oil, Tung oil, varnish or other durable finishes. The doors can be made in a traditional or contemporary style with or with out the door furniture, locks, hinges etcetera that you require. The doors and frames can be installed by us or can be collected from us and installed by you.

Bespoke Wooden Doors Bespoke Wooden Doors
Bespoke wooden doors

Wooden Beds

On special commission we make bespoke wooden beds for our clients.

The beds can be made in different types of wood, oak, Douglas-Fir, chestnut, redwood, pine etcetera. There are many different types of finishes available through the use of sanding, oiling and waxing of the wood. The style can be traditional or contemporary or just to the taste of the client.

The bed on the left below was inspired by the bracket system used in the building of Japanese Buddhist temples. It is made out of Douglas-Fir and is oiled with Danish oil. The one on the right is also made from Douglas-Fir but left un oiled.

Bespoke Wooden Beds Bespoke Wooden Beds
Bespoke wooden beds

Wooden Cog Wheels

Who is not fascinated by the rattling of the wooden cog wheels in old mills and other industrial buildings? For Timber Structures, the ancient art of making wooden cog wheels is certainly not lost. Our services include both the making of new, and the restoration of existing wooden cog wheels.

Before the industrial revolution, when cast iron and steel became available in great quantities, the gears and cogwheels of windmills and watermills where made from wood a readily available material in the surrounding countryside.

Our company retains the knowledge of making these wooden cog wheels, amassed through working with the millwrights in the Netherlands and Germany. The skills of these ancient masters of wooden mechanics have not been lost, they live on in the know-how of Timber Structures.

Wooden Cog Wheels

For the different parts of the wooden cog wheels we use different types of wood with different properties. The rims or fello are made of elm or oak. The wooden cogs, the teeth of the wheels, can be made out of hornbeam, apple, pear, robinia wood or medlar. The wood used for the cogs needs to get a smooth hardened finish during use so as to reduce friction whilst in motion.

Some of the woods used in cog wheel include:

Siege Machines

Timber Structures has also been involved in not so everyday projects. For the TV-series The Perfected Weapon from National Geographic we made two sieges weapons.

One was the trebuchet, a wooden siege machine used in the Middle Age to propel stones or dead animals over the walls of a besieged city. The other siege weapon was the onager or mangonel. This is a siege machine in use by the Romains and later also used in the Middle Ages.

We are very fond of doing this kind of project to show our craftsmanship and to learn how these machines where build in those days.

Siege Machine Siege Machine

Siege Machine Siege Machine
Onager or mangonel