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Shingles & Shakes

Shingles & Shakes are one of natures most attractive roofing and cladding materials. Natural beauty, durability and eco friendliness are some of the many advantages of choosing this unique material for your property.


Shingles & Shakes can be made out of oak, chestnut, larch, western red cedar and eastern white cedar. In time the colour of the wood will turn to an attractive natural look and feel through the influences of the weather, and will blend in with the surrounding environment.


Through the natural preservatives in the wood this type of covering is extremely durable and very low maintenance.

Eco Friendly

Shingles and shakes are typically cut from salvage logs and dead trees left over from logging. What is potentially a waste product is transformed into a long lasting roof cover with a minimal carbon footprint.


Every shingle is unique each one being made by splitting or sawing blocks of wood or "shake blocks". Splitting by hand with a froe and mallet gives a rougher surface than the more uniform shakes created by sawing, and whether we choose to split or saw depends on your individual requirements.

Shingles look great on the roofs and even walls of almost all buildings, we have used Shingles on the following:

Cedar Shingles

Cedar shingles made from either Western Red Cedar or Eastern White Cedar are a popular choice. Cedar shingles have been used for centuries and are particularly duarable, surviving well in even the most extreme enviroments.

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