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Timber Frame Glazing

Timber Structures offers a comprehensive timber frame glazing service and can supply and install double sealed glazing units for the timber frame projects that have glazed areas in there design. This glazing can be achieved through direct glazing or through the use of normal doors and windows fitted into the frame.

Direct Glazing

With direct glazing the glass units are fixed onto the outside surface of the green oak frame. This is done in such a way that the green oak frame is able to move behind the glass allowing for the settling of the timber frame over time. The glass and fixings are secured to the frame with oak cover boards that preserve the look of the timber frame.

Doors and windows are installed in to their own frames that are dry and stable; in this way they are not directly attached to the oak frame and will not be effected by the movement of the timber frame.

Timber Frame Glazing

The diagram above shows how our direct glazing is fixed to a timber frame.

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